Sell 10600 hp three-purpose

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purpose,hp,Sell,【三用拖轮】 Sell 10600 hp three-purpose,Number: 421Shipowner Commissions Sale of 10600 HP Tri-purpose Tug Made in China 2013Navigation Area: OffshoreClassification Society: CCS Survey ChinaL…
Number: 421 Shipowner Commissions Sale of 10600 HP Tri-purpose Tug Made in China 2013 Navigation Area: Offshore Classification Society: CCS Survey China Length: 67.7m Beam: 14.5m Molded depth: 6.9m Gross tonnage: 10177t Net tonnage: 3053t Host :Propulsion PlantBergen KVMB X4/10600HP Positioning anchor: 2.85t/x2 Shark pliers: 2x250t Tow pin: 2x150t Bollard drag: 136t Fire protection: 1x3600m3/hr Shaft generator: 1570kw Ash tank: 45m3 Bow thrust: 590kw Stern side push: 590kw x 2 Cable car with double drums: 150t Upper and lower rollers 1000Mx64mm/650Mx56mm Maximum speed 15 knots / Economic speed 10 knots Deck area 495m2 / 1483t Fuel consumption: 22t/24H for two vehicles and 9t/24H for four vehicles Transferable to / on a ship For customer enquiries, please contact ♫ Name: Xiao Lu Organizer: Ningde Jiaomeng Ship Industry Co., Ltd Position: Business Manager Mobile: + 86 135 5990 5507 Mobile: + 86150 5938 9185 Private: Note: Buy, sell and build ships. Interested parties, pl




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